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Pain that occurs in any part of the head is called a headache. Nine out of ten Americans say that they suffer from some form of headaches. Though headaches are very common, if you experience more than two headaches a year, you are considered a chronic headache sufferer.


Often, an annoying headache is harmless and will resolve on its own. Severe headaches of short or long duration that frequently recur, which affect your ability to perform daily activities and reduce your quality of life, can often be effectively managed or eradicated with appropriate treatment.


At Freedom Integrated Medicine we can treat headaches caused by musculoskeletal problems or a multitude of other issues. Different headaches include but are not limited to tension-type, migraine and cluster, secondary headaches from fever or infectious disease, cranial neuralgias, or facial pain.


To see if your headaches can be managed without the use of drugs or medications, contact us today for a consultation.



Take advantage of our new patient exam and x-rays, and start receiving care at the top clinic in Utah.

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